Blocked Drain in Pennant Hills


Cherrybrook Plumbing has the specialist plumbing team that deals with blocked drains in Cherrybrook, Dural, Castle Hill and West Pennant Hills, Tom has owned Cherrybrook Plumbing for 33 years and has seen the changes in the area with Cherrybrook Station recently opened. It was only 50 years ago that Cherrybrook was livestock and orchards.

Tom and his team of plumbers, have knowledge and experience in blocked drains and blocked toilets or foul smells, their experience is second to none. All the plumbers at Cherrybrook Plumbing can solve all clogged drain issues, We have every type of drain clearing equipment necessary to get your drain cleared on the same day.

It is common for Pennant Hills drains to be blocked from tree roots, grease, broken or collapsed sewer line.

Being based in Cherrybrook we offer same day service most of the time.

Some of the reasons for calling Cherrybrook Plumbing are:

  1. Overflowing Drains
  2. Slow draining showers
  3. Blocked Kitchen Sinks
  4. Blocked Stormwater 
  5. Blocked Guttering
  6. Blocked Toilet
  7. Blocked Drain on Driveway
  8. Overflow in Bathrooms

Equipment Cherrybrook Plumbing uses are water jetters, electric eels, Drain Camera and Pipe locating

Cherrybrook Plumbing are Local and offer Same Day Service.

Just call and speak to Tom and his Team of professionals.

We at Cherrybrook Plumbing offer tremendous value, service and a high standard of efficiency.

Our attention to detail is second to none, as we strive to solve your sewer drain or plumbing issue which translates into savings.

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Can be cleared by Cherrybrook Plumbing, all our drain clearing equipment is the latest on the market


We offer a full Service guarantee. Our Honest and Experienced Plumbers are ready to assist you on any Drain problem you have.


Yes we are waiting for your call (a wise man once said to me ,always answer your phone, We are ready to fix your problem, call us NOW on 0413 946 899!

All our vehicles are Satellite Tracked so that we Know which truck is closest to you so we can fix your problem ASAP.


Cherrybrook Plumbing’s cameras are suitable for 40mm up to 150 mm pipes, plastic piping or Clay piping our Cameras will show you the State of your sewer pipes ,or the Root Intrusion, the Cameras can show you Broken Piping , cracks in piping or squashed piping 


We at Cherrybrook Plumbing can pinpoint your problem  or Problems with the latest Technology in locating equipment ,


Our Electric Eels are ready to ream out your Blocked Sewers. We keep our Eels ready to clean your drain. When your Drains are full of Water sometimes you need to use an Eel to Clean away the Blockage.


If you prefer the Latest on the market Drain Cleaning Equipment, then you can’t go past Cherrybrook Plumbing’s water Jet, which with the aid of 5000psi, connecting to a garden Tap, these machines can reach blockages up to 100 metres away, they work using a cutting head on the end of the Hose, we can clean your drain with minimal fuss, this equipment uses the power of water to clean your Drain. Water Jetters leave the pipe surface cleaner as it works a lot like a car wash, thoroughly cleaning the pipe also a water jet needs to be used in conjunction with a color drain camera


Sometimes we need to use both Eel and Water jet to get through the problem Drain, As they are both specialized pieces of equipment ,which need to be treated with respect,but in combination they can clean most drains


This usually means there is a broken pipe or a blocked drain ,This can be rectified by using our Drain Camera to find the problem and rectify the problem


When a Sewer line is Blocked, It puts the Sewer line under Hydrostatic Pressure, this causes Pipe Joints to leak, these  pipes should be replaced, as all sewer pipes should be able to hold minimal amounts of Hydrostatic pressure, sometimes the seal behind the Toilet Bowl , will leak under pressure from a blocked Drain, this leak could be from the pan collar rubber


We at Cherrybrook Plumbing have cleared thousands of drains over the years , Keeping our Customers happy is our Aim, and we always achieve our aim.


With over 30 years combined experience and superior equipment, Eels, Water Jetters, Pipe Locators, CCTV drain cameras and Aussie Know how.

Blocked drains around the home are probably one of the most inconvenient issues to happen, they usually happen when you least expect it, when you are brushing your teeth in the bathroom basin and the water un the sink won’t drain, 

When you are back washing the pool that has filled up too much from excessive rain, you go to empty the pool  and the water won’t drain.

If your standing in the shower washing your hair and the shower drain won’t empty you need to call Cherrybrook Plumbing.

When you have used the toilet and you flush, there is nothing worse than the toilet bowl filling to the top and not draining.

This is when you should call Cherrybrook Plumbing, we specialise in clearing all types of blocked drains in all types of locations.

After you have done the washing up in the Kitchen sink and you pull out the plug and the water does not drain away, this is a good time to call us to get all your drains working properly.

After the rains your gutters and down pipes can get blocked, they may need a clean out, we can clean your gutters and down pipes or repair or replace your gutters and down pipes

Cherrybrook Plumbing have the latest drain cleaning devices, water Jetters, electric eels, hand eels and plungers

We always pride ourselves in being clean and tidy, always leaving the area clean and tidy

Blocked sewer pipes can be blocked with tree roots, grease and tampons. Don’t worry though, the drain clearance specialists at Cherrybrook Plumbing will isolate the problem and using tried and tested methods will unblock the drain and have the water flowing again in no time at all.