My Washing Machine Tap Won’t Turn Off!

Cherrybrook Plumbing have been fixing leaking laundry taps in West Pennant Hills and other parts of Sydney for over 30 years. Whether it’s leaking taps in your laundry tub or washing machine, taps that are leaking through the handles or wash machine taps that just won’t turn off Cherrybrook Plumbing can fix it all.

When you move into a new house you need to get your washing machine reconnected to the tap on the wall. Sometimes it’s difficult to replumb your washing machine to the plumbing of your new house as the tap to the hot and the cold of the washing machine is either underneath the laundry sink or above the washing machine. The waste pipe from the washing machine either connects to the trap underneath the laundry sink or it goes into the laundry tub.

Recently, we had a house in West Pennant Hills where the customers had been living there for a month now and the connection to the washing machine was leaking underneath the laundry sink the customer had tried to connect the washing machine themselves using parts from Bunnings.

We need to pull the connections apart and start again, resealing and adding some extra equipment to make it all fit without leaking.

They called us at Cherrybrook Plumbing as I have over 50 positive reviews on Google Reviews and True Local.

When you move into a new house that is over 20 years old usually the hot and cold water that connects to the washing machine is on the wall above the washing machine.

Most houses these days have a washing machine under the bench so that the hot and cold water supplying water to the washing machine needs to be under the bench so as to connect the washing machine properly.

To do this we need to do a complete renovation in the laundry in which the wall needs to be cut out and the pipes need to be moved from approximately 1200mm high to about 650mm high so they fit below the cabinet and below the beach top. Tom at Cherrybrook Plumbing has fixed this many times and knows how to get the job done properly.

Cherrybrook Plumbing can fix your leaking laundry taps in West Pennant Hills. We are your laundry renovation specialists. Call us now on 9899 1970.