Bathroom Renovation


When you have a Bathroom that is old and you need a new bathroom this is when it’s time to get a bathroom renovation. Cherrybrook Plumbing are your local Bathroom Renovation experts.

The first thing you need to think about is the tiles. The tiles are a major part of a bathroom renovation as they are on the walls and floors of the bathroom.

The next thing you need to deal with is the position of the essential bathroom items such as the toilet, vanity, bath and shower. it’s important for you to decide where each of these items will go in the bathroom. When you walk into the door of the bathroom you don’t want to be able to see the toilet straight in front of you; it’s usually better to have it just around the corner.

Once all the products have been decided on, the first thing we need to do is to remove all the old tiles from the bathroom. Then we need to remove the walls. We can have fibro or brick once we removed the sheeting material the Fibro then we need to get to the water pipes. We need to be able to lay new hot and cold water pipes connected to each necessary fixture in the room. When installing the hot and cold pipes we have to decide if we are installing mixer taps on the wall and in the vanity.

Once the pipes have been installed we need to test them to make sure that there are no leaks.

After the water pipes have been installed the bath needs to be installed. The bath is usually cemented in place and put on a wooden frame or bricked up. It’s important that the bath is installed correctly otherwise when you sit in the bath you can hear the loose cement shifting under the bath.

Once the bath has been installed the next step is to re-sheet the walls of the bathroom with Fibro. It’s important to call in a professional water-proofer to make sure that there are no leaks between the tiles and the flooring. Leaks can cause damage to carpet or leak through to the bottom floor if the water-proofing has not been done correctly.

Now it’s time to get the tiler in to tile the walls and the floor. At this time underfloor heating can be installed into the bed of the tile flooring in the case that you want underfloor heating. The tiler can tile in toilet roll holders and towel rails or these can be put on after. You need to wait approximately a week for the tiles to dry then the plumber needs to come back to install the tapware, the toilet and the vanity.

If you need a Bathroom Renovation in Cherrybrook, North Epping, Dural or beyond call Cherrybrook Plumbing your local Bathroom Renovation experts. (02) 9899 1970