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Cherrybrook Plumbing are experts in blocked drain clearing. Whether you live in Cherrybrook, Dural, Chatswood or beyond, Cherrybrook Plumbing is ready to clear your blocked drains.

A water jet drain clearing device uses high pressure water usually between 3500 psi and 5000 psi. A high pressure water jet is powerful enough to clear any blocked drain in Sydney from Chatswood to the Hawkesbury River.

High pressure water jetting can clear tree roots, sand, dirt, clay and any foreign matter which is blocking the sewer. To clear a blocked drain using a water Jetter

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There are different types of block drains:

  • shower blockages,
  • toilet blockages,
  • stormwater blockages,
  • sewer spraying from the sky from overflowing sewer main’s,


There are many types of high water pressure hydraulic drain clearing heads to clear the appropriate type of blockage. When clearing a block drain using the high-pressure water jet so as to provide the customers job I had the correct Hydraulic water size cutting head to clear your blocked drain. In order to get your block drain cleared, using the water Jetter, the first step is to clear the blockage, once the blockage is clear or partially clear the water goes away but this doesn’t mean that the problem is completely fixed. This means it is time to use the Colour Drain Camera we need to insert the drain camera down the sewer pipe opening to inspect the blockage.


The way we can inspect the broken pipe or root intrusion or the amount of debris which is causing the blockage is by using the colour drain camera and work out the best course of action to take to clear the blockage properly. At this stage we need to locate the position of the blockage as its either under the floor of the blocked bathroom or outside the house in the garden. To locate a blockage in the sewer line we will need to use the radio detection colour drain camera locating device.


At Cherrybrook Plumbing we have over 39 years experience clearing block drains. Quite often we are called in after a customer has already had their drain cleared by three or four other plumbers which have caused damage to bathroom areas causing overflow in bathrooms and running away from the job.


Tom Fransen has owned Cherrybrook Plumbing since 1994, in that time Tom has seen hundreds of blocked drains in many different situations, residential and commercial, so he has the experience and knowledge to fix your blocked drains and has at his disposal the knowledge of over 25 past employees that he speaks to from time to time to discuss various jobs that they have been involved in. One such previous employee now runs his own plumbing business in Western Australia.


Check out our Cherrybrook Plumbing Google reviews and my Cherrybrook Plumbing True Local reviews. I stand by my reviews feel free to talk to me about my reviews as most of the customers that are on the reviews I’m still working for them today.


If your drain can’t be cleared? Call Cherrybrook Plumbing.

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Water jet nozzles: There are three main types of water jet nozzles that we use the clear peoples blocked sewers or stormwater.

An electric eel is a device that is used for clearing blocked drains and has continued to be used for the past 50 years and to this day. At Cherrybrook Plumbing we use all the latest drain clearing and diagnosing equipment including:

  • Electric eels
  • High pressure water jetters
  • Pan augers
  • Sink plungers
  • Pan plungers
  • Kitchen sink augers
  • Kitchen sink water jetters
  • Sewer and stormwater water jetters
  • Colour drain cameras
  • Pipe locators

Sometimes we just need to clear the drain which generally lasts for about two years then we come back again and do the same thing again as relining a pipe usually very expensive.

Are you having trouble getting your drain cleared? Call Cherrybrook Plumbing the blocked drain specialists! 9899 1970.