Hot water heaters

Cherrybrook Plumbing can assist with your hot water requirements. Whether you want a gas, electric or an instant hot water heater, we can replace and install whatever you need.


Cherrybrook Plumbing can fix your hot water heater. Cherrybrook Plumbing install instantaneous hot water heaters as well as storage hot water heaters we supply rain ducks, Rinnai and Thermann heaters.

If you have a burst hot water heater make sure you call Cherrybrook Plumbing, we are licensed plumbers, drainers and gas fitters. We install all types of hot water heaters. If you have no hot water please give us a call, we can offer a same day service.

Cherrybrook Plumbing can take care of all your hot water heater problems. If you have any hot water problems in Cherrybrook, Castle Hill, Dural or beyond, please give us a call. Whether you need your hot water heater replaced or you need it repaired just call us on (02) 9899 1970 or book us online to get an expert plumber with same-day service and we’ll be there give us a call and we will be there we offer emergency plumbing services. 

Our Plumbing trucks are fully equipped with all the tools required to fix your hot water heater. If you turn on your hot water tap in the kitchen and you notice you’re not getting any hot water or the water is lukewarm you may have a problem. Call Cherrybrook Plumbing for a quality and speedy service, we are professional and will try and send Plumbers that can handle all your hot water needs.

Hot water heaters come with warranties of 5 or 10 years, however if you get your Anode replaced it can increase the lifespan of your hot water heater. When we go to a house with a leaky toilet, we always check the hot water heater to see how old it is, if the heater is between 10 and 20 years old we always suggest that the customer get there anode replaced.

Cherrybrook Plumbing can fix any Hot Water Heater or Anode problem you might have. We carry anodes in our trucks at all times so we are ready to solve the issue quickly. If you have a Hot Water problem book now using the form below or call us on (02) 9899 1970.

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