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If you’ve got a leaky tap you need to get it fixed as soon as possible otherwise the continuous dripping can cause leakage inside your vanity basin.


To fix a leaky tap we need to remove the handle, the flange and the spindle to get to the jumper valve. Cherrybrook Plumbing offers a complete tap replacement service.

All Cherrybrook Plumbing Plumbers have three years’ experience and the owner of Cherrybrook Plumbing has over 35 years’ experience as a plumber starting his plumbing trade in 1981.

Leaking Taps are very frustrating. If tapware is not removed in the right manner and put back in the right manner then it can cause leaking or flooding of your home.

Types of Taps

There are two basic types of taps. There are ceramic disc taps which are installed in hospitals, care homes or places that generally need the taps to be able to be shut or opened easily. The most common type of tap spindle is a Jumper valve type spindle. Many things can happen to a spindle to cause the tap to drip; the main causes are seizing of the spindle.

The jumper valve inside the top can be worn or split and must be replaced to fix the leaking tap.

Another main cause of a leaking tap on a jumper valve type spindle is a split body. A split body inside a breaching piece is caused by a slow drip that’s been leaking for a long time. The water passes across the seat inside the breaching piece causing the seat to crack.

In the same manner that a water jet can cut through a tree root, a dripping tap can cause damage to the tap set or the breaching piece inside a wall. To fix this the breaking piece needs to be reseated

A reseating tool is a metal cutting disc which cuts the seat inside the breaching piece. Once you’ve removed the spindle from the breaching piece the reseating tool is inserted into the breaching piece and turned in a circular motion until the seat is smooth.

Cherrybrook Plumbing has a great deal of experience installing & repairing many types of taps.

Plumbing - taps
Plumbing – taps

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