Water tanks

At Cherrybrook Plumbing we install all types of water tanks. We install and maintain pumps to use the water from the water tanks for irrigation, toilet flushing, etc.

cp water tank

Water tanks are usually installed to harness the rain water that falls on household surfaces such as roofs, decks, patios.

Rainbank pump products are used to divert the water from a water tank to your toilet/garden hose at pressure so the water pressure is much the same as the water from a tap with water supplied by Sydney Water.

These days most houses in Sydney have a water tank. When you build a house in Sydney these days it is a requirement that they are built with a water tank onsite which connects to the washing machine and the toilet cisterns for toilet flushing purposes.

Some guidelines for rainwater tanks to be used to supply water to washing machines and toilet flushes. When you have a new development or a major addition on a new house a rainwater tank is mandatory for new developments. It’s always good to adopt an integrated water cycle management strategy (IWCMS). This document explains the requirements for rainwater as a water supply in suburban areas for design and construction requirements so that the water tank storage can reduce the demand on the water supply and reduce stormwater discharges.

(Water Tank guidelines: https://www.esc.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/138707/Design-Guidelines-for-Rainwater-Tanks-Where-an-Existing-Reticulated-Water-Supply-Exists.pdf)


Usually the stormwater which collects the runoff from the roof and outside areas run to the water tanks. The water tank usually has a water pump connected to it which serves the garden lawns and the flower beds. This is when you need an aquasaver valve attached to your rainwater tank pump. This device allows for the mains pressure on the mains water supply to serve as a supply of water to irrigate your lawns and your garden when your rainwater tanks are empty.

I love my garden

There is nothing I like better than to come home and put the sprinkler on. There’s a lot of talk about the environment and global warming in Sydney, we sometimes get a lot of rain and sometimes we don’t get any rain at all. At these times we need to turn the sprinkler on to water our lawns and our gardens to keep it green and to keep them flowering,

Having irrigation can be the difference between having a lush green lawn and having flowers blooming in your garden, lush growth and crops that can sustain you so you can live off the land.

Irrigation is the method of using an automatic sprinkler system with timers and poppers which turn on daily to keep your garden lush and looking superb. To install an irrigation system in your home will cost around $5000. A good quality timer control costs around $800. This is wireless so you can control it on your phone.

Then you need to run a pump from your water tanks and pipe-work throughout your garden to connect to solenoids and watering devices such as poppers and sprayers.

Professional irrigator

Please make sure that you have a constant supply of water to keep your grass green using valves, pipes, controllers, transmitters, sensors, rotors, and more. There are many brands of irrigation systems such as Hunter or Rainbird. Getting the right sprinkler to do the right job and get your lawn looking top-notch is a very hard thing to do and you need a lot of irrigation experience to achieve this.

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