Toilet Seat Replacement

Do you need a toilet seat replacement? Does your cistern or water closet need replacing? Does your toilet suite need replacing? Is your toilet seat loose? Is your toilet seat discolouring? Do you need a new toilet seat?

toilet seat replacement
Cherrybrook Plumbing

When it comes to toilet seats there are many different types. It all depends on what type of toilet you have installed in your bathroom.

The types of toilets are close coupled and link toilet suites. When it comes to toilet seats they range in price from $50-$500. Plus approximately $150 install. If your toilet so suite is old it’s probably better to just replace the whole toilet suite you can usually get your toilet suite replaced for under $1000.

When your toilet needs replacing you know how there is running and has a crack in it or it’s falling off the wall or it might be coming away from the floor,

If you have any toilet problem Cherrybrook Plumbing can fix any problem you have with your toilet give us a call at (02) 9899 1970 or you can use the form on our contact page. We are experts in toilet seat replacement.