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Water Jetting in Dural

We at Cherrybrook Plumbing are experts in clearing blocked drains using Water Jetting in Dural. Tom Fransen is the founder and owner of Cherrybrook Plumbing. Tom has been in the plumbing industry since the 1980s and has experience in domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing. Tom has cleared many blocked drains in Dural using water jetting.

There is only one way of clearing your blocked drain and that’s to use the latest drain clearing equipment possible. We use high pressure water jets in conjunction with drain cameras and, depending on the situation, electric eels. Each tool has different strengths and weaknesses and we at Cherrybrook Plumbing have the experience to know which tool to use for each job.

Why use a water jet to clear a blocked drain

water jet

Water Jetters cut through tree roots without getting jammed, water jet drain cleaning machines are the best way to clean your drain. They are less likely to get jammed inside a sewer blockage caused by a tree roots. A waterjet uses pressures of 3500psi to 5000 psi water pressure, powerful enough to clear Sydney’s most difficult blocked drains in your sewer pipes. To clean the sewer pipe and get it free from root intrusion we use machines and Water Jetters as they are the best way to get your drain clean.

Electric Eels

Rigid Electric Eels: these drain clearing devices have been around for over 50 years and can be used inside the house or outside the house but the cable which spins around at 1000 revolutions a minute this method catches the roots on the cable and if the blockage is too thick or too tough the cables get stuck in the root mess and can’t come out,

This is why using a high-pressure water jet is a better option because the high-pressure water jets use water to cut away the tree roots without getting tangled up in the roots causing the blockage. Whereas an electric eel can spin into the root ball blocking the sewer pipe and get stuck. A high pressure jet can also get stuck in the sewer pipe when the sewer pipe is broken and the water jet can leave the sewer pipe through the broken pipe and go into the dirt surrounding the sewer pipe. In this case we would need to locate the broken pipe using the colour drain camera and fix the pipe break appropriately.

Water Jet Nozzles

Choosing the right hydraulic water drain clearing nozzle is an important decision by the plumber to make sure the drain is cleared in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

These heads include:

  • Chain flail
  • Root rat
  • Turbo head
  • Bullet head
  • Axe head

The Water Jet header tank is hooked up to the garden tap at the job to fill the water in the tank so that the pump doesn’t run dry. The water jet is set up on the back of our plumbing truck so we can get to your job and use the right tools to get your drain cleared as soon as possible. All our trucks are satellite tracked so that we know where they are and can get the right truck to the right place as quickly as possible.

If you need Water Jetting in Dural call Cherrybrook Plumbing now on 9899 1970!