Water Jetting and Drain Clearing

Cherrybrook Plumbing truck with built in water jet for clearing blocked drains
Cherrybrook Plumbing truck with built in water jet for clearing blocked drains

The water jetting team at Cherrybrook Plumbing have been clearing blocked drains for over 30 years. We can clear drains with the use of our purpose built truck with built in high-tech plumbing equipment. Our plumbers can clear drains of tree roots and debris, replace collapsed and damaged pipes and solve your drainage problems. Our professional plumbers can fix your drainage issues almost immediately.
Do you have an issue with water backing up in your sink, shower or bath tub, or sluggish drains? Give us a call on 02 9899 1970 or 0413 946 899 and find out how we can help sort out your blockage.

What is Water Jetting / Hydrojetting?

Water jetting / hydrojetting or jet rodding is the method of using a high pressure water jet to cut through blockages including tree roots, grease, silt and solid blockages. The water jetting system pumps water to pressures up to 5000 PSI using a petrol motor. The system shoots that high pressure water into the drain via a connected hose. The end of the hose has an attachment that shoots a stream of water forwards to clear the path ahead. The hose is propelled through the pipes via the attachment that shoots streams of water behind it. Water jetting is simply the most modern and efficient way to clear a blocked drain.

How Drain Cleaning Works

  • Step one is to unblock the drain. Water jetting uses high pressure water to cut tree roots and dislodge piping blockages. Those blockages can include sand, silt and concrete debris.
  • Step two is to identify the cause of the blockage. After unblocking the drain we can inspect the drain with a camera. We use the latest digital camera equipment to view the cause of the blockage which could be a cracked pipe or tree roots. We can easily record the entire inspection in high definition to a USB flash drive for your convenience. Pipe faults are not uncommon. If we find a pipe fault, we could use a radio frequency locator to identify the exact location of the fault, including its depth.
  • Tree roots are often the cause of a blocked drain. Sometimes tree roots re grow aggressively after drain clearing. A method to kill the offending roots without harming the tree is to treat the pipes with herbicidal foam. The foam guarantees the tree roots will not regrow within 12 months.
  • If a blockage is severe or if the pipe has been damaged, repair may be the only option. Using the locator we can pinpoint the area that requires repair and dig up and rectify the issue with minimal mess. Drain blockages and repairs are serious and should be dealt with immediately. The resulting damage to your home from drain blockages could be catastrophic.